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As The MED Group's preferred background screening provider, Castle Branch is excited to offer MED Members, not only tremendous cost-savings, but also a full spectrum of industry leading background screening and drug testing services designed specifically for MED Members. 

Price – MED Members receive all services at enterprise-level pricing. Castle Branch may also be able to reduce your total price with a customized package upon sign-up.  

Fast Turnaround Time – Castle Branch guarantees to return results within three business days or the services are FREE (some exclusions apply).  

Easy-to-Use Castle Branch's online management system, Applicant Management Interface (AMI), is an effortless, robust, all-inclusive solution for managing employee information, ordering background checks and retrieving results.  

In addition to price, turnaround time and ease-of-use, Castle Branch further differentiates itself by offering solutions for the entire healthcare workforce: employees, volunteers, contractors, vendors and students.  For more information on Castle Branch, please contact your MED Group representative, Stuart Capps, at 888-723-4263, ext. 7129 or We look forward to hearing from you.  

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