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EmTrak (Employee Tracking Program) is an HME specific employee tracking system that assists in the selection, tracking and development of HME staff. EmTrak is designed specifically to meet and exceed the requirements of CMS and accrediting bodies.

EmTrak offers the following tools:

  • Custom job descriptions for each employee
  • A tool to easily create a new hire checklist that incorporates all of the training you do for new employee orientation and ensures you get all of the proper documentation completed
  • Annual evaluations that are easy to use
  • Periodic evaluations based on the needs and timeline of your company
  • Automatic reminders to Managers when evaluation of an employee is due or when follow up is needed
  • A central place to note every action taken with an employee, such as a coaching document or disciplinary action

The internet functionality of EmTrak allows the system to be available anytime and ensures that all of the issues related to your employees are documented and accessible. Encryption technology and secure access assure that your documents are secure and private.


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